Introversion 37.0: Brian R.

My friend Brian is back for a 3rd time on the Introversion podcast as we recap 2020 and discuss how we’ve transitioned into 2021. As usual, we delve into a lot of spicy and dicey topics… including social media trends, politics, censorship, “extremism”, science, public policy, racism, stereotypes, expertise, New Yorkers, questioning authority, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Cristiano Ronaldo, trust & faith. If you haven’t yet subscribed on YouTube, go there now to enjoy the Introversion podcast in all its VISUAL glory! You can get there by pasting this URL into your web browser… (Click that big fat red Subscribe button!) Some relevant links pertaining to what was discussed today… (Nobel Laureate, PCR Inventor Kary Mullis) (Ronaldo vs PCR testing) ( “Divide & Conquer” t-shirt on sale at )

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