Introversion 66.0: Confidence & Vulnerability

Yeah it’s been a minute, but I’m BACK… and with added CLARITY about where I’m taking the Introversion podcast. I’m foreseeing a nice balance of confidence & vulnerability between Introversion and FMAO. And not just with juggling podcasts, but I explore the notions of confidence & vulnerability with regard to dating & relationships… the upsides & downsides of being vulnerable. Also in this episode… I answer a set of really great questions posed by a YouTube listener. **If YOU would ever like to ask me to address certain topics or if you have any questions you’d like to throw my way, just email me at or reach out on Twitter… I’ve become a bit more active there lately… And hey, I’ve mentioned it before, but will continue to mention it… if you’re a fan of Introversion, you’ll probably love FMAO, so… go subscribe on YouTube!

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