Introversion 51.0: Friday night dark phase

Exactly 3 weeks ago I flew down to Orlando for the Tom Woods 2000th Episode event. Although that event was Saturday night, the highlight of the weekend was definitely Friday night — grabbing dinner with Tyler Burgett (a recent podcast guest who I was glad to finally meet IRL for the first time), then joining my friends Brian and Irina (also former Introversion podcast guests!) and Irina’s friend Alley to go see Dave Landau perform. The show was a fantastic time, then we bar hopped for a bit, before returning to the hotel and eventually recorded THIS… episode #51 around 3am later that night. Mostly semi-drunk pontifications on Heaven & Hell between Brian and me, but also some other tidbits in there. Anyway, just a quick impromptu episode recorded on-the-go. Enjoy!

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