Today I explore emotionality, concern, simulation, and disagreeableness.

Are people way more emotional about everything than they should be? Am I, on the other hand, not emotional enough?

Currently pondering this notion of social media posturing, which put another way… could be labeled as “virtue signaling”. How much of what transpires in the world is genuinely your concern?  Should you be MORE concerned about things than you are?  Should you be LESS concerned? What’s really doing YOU any good? What’s really doing THE WORLD any good?

A random thought re: the potential enjoyment factor of watching a simulation of my life. Fascinating? Boring? Hmm.

These days I can only agree with any one person a maximum of about 30-50%. Speaking to myself… why are you so disagreeable?


Why are you so disagreeable?

Rediscovering the joy of sketchbooking. Realizing this may be the best means of communicating my thoughts & feelings without OFFENDING 80% of people I know. Thinking to myself... why are you so disagreeable?


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